Home where the Honey Cinnamon Liqueur recipe originated - Wisniowa, Poland
Since the 16th Century in Poland, spices and honey were expensive commodities enjoyed by the privileged noble class. Using these ingredients they created a variety of foods and drinks, with one of them being a honey spice spirit. Over time, this spirit gained popularity throughout Poland, with the lower class citizens also wanting a taste of this fine elixir. In the small village of Wisnowa, Poland, the Weglarz family was no exception and they developed their own recipe. This recipe was passed down from generation to generation surviving both WWI and WWII occupation and a lengthy transatlantic trip to Canada, eventually arriving in the Prairies in 1962.

The recipe rested quietly until it was found in 1993 when it was re-created and introduced to the citizens of Regina during Mosaic, a multi-cultural festival in Regina. The recipe was continuously refined with a breakthrough occurring in 2001 where the perfect blend of natural honey, cinnamon, and spice, created the handcrafted PRAIRIE AMBER™ syrup. Following the traditional family blending process, the PRAIRIE AMBER™ syrup is infused with handcrafted vodka, creating an artisanal and aromatic liqueur.

Apart from Mosaic, the liqueur was only enjoyed by family and friends, until 2012 when Bron Nurkowski teamed with Last Mountain Distillery and started producing Canada's first handcrafted honey cinnamon liqueur for everyone to enjoy and share.